Why am I so tired?

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Do you ever feel exhausted, run down, or just plain tired for no reason? We all tend to blame being tired on a lifestyle that is “too busy”. Which, could be quite right. But, if you feel tired all the time or are always asking yourself, “why am I so tired?”, don’t blow it off. There is a lot going on inside our bodies, which can help explain this constant exhaustion.

If your brain interprets a threat, even when there isn’t one, it must use energy from your physiology to stay alert and protect you. If you have begun to “lose the fight” with gravity, your brain and body must use all its energy to keep you upright. A system (like your body) cannot rest or restore that is constantly hyper-vigilant to protect us and keep us upright. So, even if you are getting enough sleep, what is going on internally is not allowing your body to actually rest and repair itself. Chiropractic facilitates a state of  “ease”, meaning that your body can run more efficiently and in turn provide you with more energy.

Along with making regular chiropractic visits, there are 6 other things that can help you get your energy back:

  1. Get more quality sleep
  2. Trim your social calendar
  3. Eat more wholesome foods
  4. Drink more water
  5. Take your supplements/vitamins
  6. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol

Super Foods that Squash Stress

woman hand holding red apple with heart shapeLife has a way of getting the best of us some days. Whether it’s working too many hours, shuffling your kids all over town for their activities, taking care of your household, or dealing with personal or family matters, stress can take its toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. But there are simple steps you can take to combat stress, starting with the foods you eat.

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol is a good start when life’s particularly stressful. Stimulants and depressants like these can both zap your energy and rob you of the fuel you need to successfully cope with tension. Sugary foods should also be avoided as well, as they cause your blood sugar levels to spike then dip rapidly, which can in turn make your energy levels spike and dip at the same rate.

However, there are several superfoods out there that provide you with the energy and nutrition your body needs to keep stress in check

Asparagus, which is high in folic acid, can help level out your moods. Folic acid and vitamin B are key players in producing serotonin, a chemical that gets you into a good mood.

And though we may hear negative things regarding red meat, it’s actually a wise dinner option for a stressed-out family. Grass fed Beef’s high levels of iron, zinc and B vitamins not only help get you into a good mood, but help you stay there as well. Your local butcher can help you select lean cuts for the healthiest options

Almonds are also an awesome choice when it comes to arming yourself against stress. They’re high in magnesium, zinc, as well as vitamins B2, C, and E and unsaturated fats, all which are great warriors against free radicals, which have been shown to cause cancers and heart disease.

*Article originally posted 03/02/2014*

4 Easy Health and Fitness Tips

The US has seen an enormous increase in the number of people considered obese by the medical community. In fact many call it an obesity epidemic. To combat this we find all sorts of pharmaceutical companies selling the “quick fix” pills, powders, and lotions that do nothing to actually help people take the fat off and keep it off.

Of course the same could be said of the diet industry as well. There are so many different diets going around now you could pick one a month and in a years time still have more to choose from.

What is truly needed are some sensible proven weight loss tips that people can implement no matter what their present physical condition is. That said let’s dive right in.

#1 Drink more water. All too often Americans are borderline dehydrated and so their bodies are working on the water starvation reflex and not flushing the toxins and junk out.

#2 Eat more often. I bet you thought I was going to say eat less. While it is true that to lose weight you need to eat less calories than you expend…you need to eat more often to get the metabolic furnace stoked up and burning right. Get it out of starvation mode. So start the day off with breakfast. Even a smoothie and a piece of fruit as you head out the door in the morning.

#3 Move more. Depending on your physical condition you need to be moving more. Use the stairs rather than the elevator, park farther out from the office or the store, go for a walk around the block, go dancing or play with your kids. Make it fun. Running is not the only way to burn more calories.

#4 Finally, determine your “Why”. Decide why you want to discard fat. Make your reason big enough to motivate you through the slumps that invariably happen.

*Article originally published November 24, 2013*

How to Get Back in the Holiday Spirit

Many of us think of the holidays as a happy time: a time to grow closer to family and friends, enjoy good food, and relax. But for many of us, that ideal happy holiday season turns into stress, anxiety, and even depression.

We often get so wrapped up in decorating, cooking, shopping, and making all the relatives and friends happy that we forget to focus on what we need. Here are some great ways to take a break and relieve some of that stress and boost your mood.

* Take a nap. Often holiday lists can get so long that we skip out on sleep in order to get to the mall early or stay up late making baked goods. But loss of sleep can take a major toll on our bodies and our minds, leaving us feeling sluggish, sick, and depressed. By taking a nap, or better yet, getting a full night’s sleep every night, you’ll feel better and probably get more done in the time you’re awake.

* Get some exercise. While many of us see exercise as a chore, once it gets into your regular routine, it’s a great way to reduce stress and improve your mood. It doesn’t have to be difficult; it can be as easy as taking a walk or playing an active game outside with the kids. Just be sure it’s something that gets your heart rate up.

* Get a massage. Massage not only relaxes you and makes you feel less stressed, it also helps take away the physical muscle aches that can slow you down. Many people don’t get massages because they think they are too expensive, but you can often get lower rates by going to a massage school. If that’s still too much, you can always get your significant other to give you a backrub.

* Get Adjusted. Remember that your body can only operate at 100% when all the channels are opened properly. Make sure your body is communicating 100% to reach your fullest potential over the holidays.

So, you may be thinking that all this sounds great if only you had the time to fit it in. The key is to make a list, prioritize, and cut anything that isn’t really important to you.

While making fifty dozen cookies for the office may be something you do every year, it probably isn’t really more important than keeping yourself happy and healthy. Figure out what you’re willing to cut and start chopping. In addition, don’t be afraid to say no when someone asks you to do something you just don’t have time for.

*Article originally published December 1 2013*

8 Ways to Boost Your Energy!

Everyone would like to feel more energetic during the day. You naturally go through periods of higher activity which contrasts with times of relaxation. The problem occurs when more energy and concentration is required than we can give. Or when we try to sleep and can’t. Follow these invaluable tips to a new you!

1) Stay on a regular sleep schedule. You can’t stay up late during the week-end and suddenly on Monday morning wake up refreshed. If you do enjoy later nights on Friday and Saturday vow to get to bed early on Sunday to wake up rested.

2) Avoid the sugar and caffeine roller coaster. Eat some protein and foods with a bit of fat in the morning. The brain needs protein and the body does not store it. You don’t have to eat very much-a piece of cheese or a handful of nuts will get you going instead of pure carbohydrates like a plain bagel.

3) Take a 5-10 minute power nap around lunch. Even if you just close your eyes and let your mind drift you will be refreshed for the afternoon. This is also effective anytime you feel yourself not concentrating, reading the same material over and over. Give in to the urge and completely relax for a few moments.

4) Drink more water and liquids. I know, everyone says to drink more fluids. But most Americans are in a constant state of dehydration from filling up on coffee, tea, and sodas with caffeine. This is very stressful to the kidneys and can cause irritation to the bladder. Keep a sports bottle filled with your favorite flavored water or just plain and keep it with you at all times. Set a goal- empty by lunch, refill, empty again by the time work is over. Carry plenty of water in the car too for you and your family.

5) Exercise regularly. This is easier said than done with a busy schedule. A poor conditioning level causes you to be short-of-breath and your heart to race when just doing simple things like climbing a flight of steps or doing household chores. Park farther away when shopping and walk. Dust off that exercise machine or get an exercise tape to play when weather is bad. Set an example for the rest of your family and maybe they will join in too!

6) A joke a day keeps the doctor away. Seriously, laughter has many beneficial effects on the body. The brain chemicals for experiencing pleasure, happiness, and peace increase with good, hearty laughs. Live alone? Get a funny movie or watch a light-hearted comedy on tv. Nothing sarcastic or put-down, however.

7) Avoid confrontations and situations with negative people. You know who they are. They are not going to change but they will bring you and your mood down. The complainers, gossipers, and generally unhappy souls we all have to deal with on a day-to-day basis drain our energy if we allow them. Be polite but avoid arguing or getting hooked into listening to their constant problems.

8) Take regular, daily supplements of the highest quality. Our food and diets simply do not meet the amounts needed for maximum health. There is a difference between avoiding nutritional deficiencies and optimum performance.

*This article was originally posted April 29 2014*

How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy with Super Foods!

Portrait of a family preparing a salad in their kitchenFood, especially healthy ones, can be difficult to choose when you have children or picky eaters in your house. Babies and children in particular can be fussy about what they like or want to eat, so buying healthy foods isn’t always a first choice when shopping for them. Super foods in particular, such as broccoli and other vegetables, are next to impossible to get your child or baby to eat in some cases. However, there are some tactics you can try that might appeal more to your child or baby and get them to eat foods that are healthier for them!

The properties that most appeal to children and babies are the texture and color of food. Some are more partial to certain colors or textures, so finding out what your child likes would be beneficial in helping you decide how to prepare their food. Cutting certain foods into shapes, such as stars, circles, triangles or squares might appeal to your child and they would be more prone to picking it up and trying it. The texture is also important. If a child or baby doesn’t like the texture of cooked broccoli, cutting it small and having them try it raw (given they’re old enough) might yield good results as well.

At the same time, you can try giving your child different foods with ‘super’ properties and appeal to their taste in foods. If your child or baby doesn’t like vegetables, there are many different fruits with the same benefits as the vegetables, and sometimes more! These can include the acai berry, blueberries, pomegranate, kiwi, pumpkin and much more! Many of these are rather versatile and provide a range of uses. You can mix them with other fruits your child or baby likes and make a smoothie. They get the same benefits, and it tastes great!

For those with older children that can easily consume solid foods, you can even tempt them with certain proteins. This includes salmon, eggs and turkey. This can be combined with the many different grains that have ‘super’ benefits such as beans, barley, nuts, sea salt, garlic and oats.

When it comes to getting your child or baby to eat healthier and get essential vitamins and nutrients to help them grow up strong and healthy, it all comes down to their taste. As their parent, you know better than anyone else what appeals to your child and what doesn’t. Using this knowledge, check out all the different foods that provide a source of great essential nutrients and benefits that have been deemed ‘super foods’ and try to make a meal plan that will help your child get all the nutrients they need while still making it tasty and enjoyable.

*This article was published at a previous date*

Trio kids showing their tongues

3rd Annual ChiroKids Day is October 26!

The Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin (CSW) has set a goal for 20% of the population to be under chiropractic care by the year 2020, and in order to make this a reality, the CSW has made it their top priority to spread the importance of chiropractic care. ChiroKids day began in 2015 to bring awareness to the importance of having children checked for subluxation (misalignments of the spine). The CSW has worked to shed light on the importance of chiropractic care in general, but also for the importance of chiropractic for children.


Is chiropractic safe for children? Absolutely! Children of all ages can benefit from chiropractic, and many chiropractors have had extra training specifically for adjusting children and infant spines. Dr. Jen at Croixview Family Chiropractic in Hudson, Wisconsin has patients ranging in ages from days old to the elderly. She loves to see families in the office, and even offers family plans to make chiropractic care affordable for everyone.

Why do children need chiropractic?

Chiropractic can be very effective in relieving pain, but there is so much to chiropractic beyond treating pain. When the spine is out of alignment, or subluxated, the nerves in that area are affected that go out to the other parts of the body (muscles, tissues, organs, etc). Subluxations can lead to reduced flow of information from the brain out through the nerves, resulting in reduced function of various parts of the body.

What can chiropractic help kids with?

  • Allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Headaches
  • Cold/Flu
  • Bedwetting
  • Seizures
  • Constipation
  • Sleep issues


There will be many different events happening throughout the state of Wisconsin for ChiroKids day on October 26. Dr. Jen will be attending various preschools to read her book called “The SuperHero Within”, and talking to children about the importance of chiropractic care. If you have any questions about chiropractic care in children and families, please call our office!

Why you should consider non-food items this Halloween

It is officially fall. The leaves are changing, weather is getting colder, and kids all over the country are getting excited to go trick-or-treating this Halloween. Candy and Halloween go hand in hand, but there are many kids with food allergies that cannot eat the candy they receive in their trick-or-treat bags. Thus, the Teal Pumpkin Project was born!

The Teal Pumpkin Project was created by the Food Allergy Resource and Education (FARE) to raise awareness for inclusivity of kids with food allergies during the Halloween season. The project is simple: place a teal colored pumpkin outside or hang a sign displaying the teal pumpkin found here and buy non-food items to pass out. The Teal Pumpkin Project promotes inclusivity for all trick-or-treaters by having non-food items to pass out, whether alone or alongside candy or other treats. A complete list of ideas of non-food items can be found here.

Still want to pass out candy? No problem! Just make sure that you do so safely, and let kids know there are non-food treats available as well.

Get your neighbors involved! Make sure to spread the word about the importance of the Teal Pumpkin Project with your neighbors, and add your location to the map so families know where they can trick-or-treat for non-food treats! You could also host a pumpkin painting party for the neighborhood to promote the project, and get everyone excited for the Halloween season.

Let’s have a fun and safe Halloween this year! Croixview Family Chiropractic in Hudson, Wisconsin will be promoting the project, and hopes to see teal pumpkins all over the city!

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Why is HFCS so bad for us?  Did you know that the corn refiners have spent $50 million in an attempt to convince us that HFCS is safe? That’s a red flag right there.  Let’s talk about what HFCS is.


It is made with genetically modified corn (GMOs). It is not natural or healthy for humans to consume. It is found in most processed foods, although now that we are being made aware of it, more and more companies are eliminating it from their products. Still, it’s in everything from juices to sodas, to cereals and even some canned vegetables.  HFCS is considered unhealthy because it causes obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.


HFCS has a few other names:  glucose-fructose, isoglucose, and glucose-fructose syrup.  The manufacturers want the consumer to believe that it is no worse than table sugar and that is false. HFCS contains more fructose than table sugar. It has been reported that in 1980, the average American ate 39 pounds of fructose and 84 pounds of sucrose. By 1994, it was up to 66 pounds of sucrose and 83 pounds of fructose.   Sadly, today, 25% of our caloric intake comes from sugars – mostly fructose!  Simply put, HFCS should be banned from our food supply. Here’s why:


Americans consume an average of 50 grams per day.

It represents 40% of caloric sweeteners added to our foods and beverages.

It is the only caloric sweetener in soft drinks in the US.

It has increased by 1000% in our diets since 1970.

It contains 470 micrograms of mercury per gram.

It promotes cancer.


There is an obesity epidemic going on out there. Have you written off a few recently gained pounds to getting older?  That is mostly not true. It’s what is in our foods.


STATINS: You Have One Life. Live It well!

If you have been told that you need a statin medication, listen up. This happens to a lot of people as they age, gain weight, reduce exercise, and/or all of the above. Statins come with mixed opinions. Some are good, some not so good.    


If you decide to take a statin medication, always consider taking a CoQ-10 supplement as well. It has been reported in numerous studies that statins can harm muscle in your body including your heart. Since your heart is a major muscle, you should take steps to protect it from statins. Plenty of folks have no problems taking statins, but if you have a very high cholesterol number and you must take the statin (even just temporarily), take the supplement as well.  Taking 100-300mg daily is heart protective.


It is also important to take a high-quality CoQ-10 supplement.  It is important to read the label. Make sure your CoQ10 is derived from ubiquinol (NOT ubiquinone).  A recent study revealed that in seriously ill patients, conventional ubiquinone CoQ10 was hardly detectable in the blood whereas ubiquinol resulted in significant blood level increases and subsequent clinical improvements.  Scientific studies also show that ubiquinol absorbs up to 8 times greater than ubiquinone, and higher levels of ubiquinol remain in the blood far longer than ubiquinone. Simply put, your body actually uses ubiquinol!


CoQ10 is an enzyme required to convert energy from fats and sugars into usable cellular energy. This enzyme declines with age. So, when CoQ10 is stripped away from your heart muscle, replace it with a quality CoQ10 supplement containing ubiquinOL.  To remember which one is best, consider OL to mean ONE LIFE!  And that’s all we get!