Nutrition Cafe


Next class coming Wednesday, May 13th at 5:30pm, call to RSVP!


All classes are $10/person and RSVP is required.


Is low-fat making you fat? Do you think you're healthy?


Experience the 3 basic changes you need to make to reduce inflammation, lose weight and extend your quality of life! We invite you to join us in discovering these chages that will trasform your life! If you feel ONE of the five categories below fit you, this workshop class is for you!


  1. High Triglycerides / Cholesterol - If you are a sugar burner and not a fat burner, your body will not store or burn fat normal. Therefore, elevating triglycerides (100 to 135, Normal: > 135 Elevated).
  2. High Blood Pressure - Inflammation of the large arteries leasds to high blood pressure. Inflammation can be controlled by following the Cellular Healing Diet.
  3. Elevated Glucose / Insulin / Leptin - Once the insulin receptors are burned out, a fasting glucose insulin, or leptin test will be elevated. Removing all sugar is teh only way to heal the insulin receptors. Diabetes, uncontrollable cravings, the inability to lose weight.
  4. Neurotoxicity - Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, among many more "diseases".
  5. Protein / Fat Genetic Type: Inability to lose weight, weight in the mid-section, uncontrollable cravings.